Jl. A Yani 26-28 Kudus 59317 Jawa Tengah Kudus
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia

PT Djarum Pusat Kudus

PT Djarum is a largest tobacco company headquartered in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. Djarum history began when Oei Wie Gwan buying a small business in the field called Djarum clove Gramophon in 1951 and changed its name to Djarum. Initially the company is just on the street by about 10 people in the New Bitingan No. 28 (Now: Jalan A. Yani No. 28). Oei began marketing cigarettes under the brand "Djarum" which turned out to be successful in the market. After the fire almost exterminated the company in 1963 (Oei died shortly thereafter), Djarum back up and modernize the equipment at the factory. In 1969, started to export the Djarum cigarette products abroad. In the same year, Djarum Djarum Filter market.